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Rogue is on Steam!

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I've just discovered that Rogue Trooper - the game I spent a year working on at Rebellion - is available over Steam for $27 (or in a package with Just Cause and Project: Snowblind for $54).

Go get it! It's a great game. [grin]
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Excellent! I wanted to purchase it, but didn't want to pay full price for a game I knew would be over in six hours.

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It is short, but it's got good replay value thanks to the large variety of different options you've got throughout the game. I always enjoyed adding extra constraints to it when I played - for example, at the beginning of level 3, try getting to the opening in the cliff-face without anyone seeing you, and then try it again without anyone seeing you and without leaving anyone alive (i.e. stealth-killing everyone). That last one can take a good five or six minutes of sneaking around. [smile]

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Heh, just remembered this comic.

Also, I thought this was only a console game. Maybe I should check it out some time after finals.

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