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GUI control a day #2: Drop Down Menus

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Need to pick some stuff from a list, but it's too long for radio buttons? Traditionally we use the drop-down box (on Windows, this is called a "combo box" for some reason; I don't understand why this is). And so it is here.

This'll be used in the options dialogue box right now to set screen resolution from the resolutions reported by the graphics adaptor, as well as to choose some options here and there inside the stations.

Lush, innit? I know it isn't. Don't lie for my benefit. [crying]

Next: Check boxes. Ooh. (edit also done. I'd do more today, but I have big assignments due today & tomorrow -- I'll have a much nicer control ready for Wednesday's post)
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I've been putting off doing the gui framework for my engine because, well I just don't want to do it yet, I'm getting a lot of good ideas from a lot of people's on here though(including yours), so I'm glad I'm waiting. Not necessarily in implementation, but more in regards to visual representation.

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Original post by Ravuya
on Windows, this is called a "combo box" for some reason; I don't understand why this is

Because it's a combination of an edit box and a drop list. A Combo Box, strictly speaking is a drop list which has an edit control you can type into too. But most people just sue droplists anyway...

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Go figure. Here, I figured they were just trying to avoid getting sued by Apple/Xerox.

I can't say I've ever seen an editable one of those; I have seen them with custom controls contained within, though. I think the "edit control" is just for autocomplete though, isn't it?

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