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One of those days

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Stephen R


I'm having one of those days. I have hard coded a simple diamod model to test out different rendering techniques. I went to render it and it wouldn't show or give me any errors. Not that unusual at the biginning of a project, I always overlook some really simple things and it takes a while to work out what is going on. Its still damn anoying though. Hopefully I'll have it figured out soon and I can get down to messing with shaders to find the right look for Kernel Chaos.

I also was thinking of an interesting side project. I've always been into point-and-click adventure games - especially funny ones. I might write a smal script based engine for those games. If I do it, I'll use XML for the scripting, SDL for the rendering and smpeg for any videos that have to be shown. I'll use all GPLed libraries - there is no point in reinventing the wheel for something like this. It might be a fun to do.

Well I'm going back to tracking down my idiotic errors.
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