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DoW Online

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So last night I ventured out into the wild world of GameSpy with DoW Dark Crusade. The first thing that struck me was how hard it was to find a 'n00bz' only game, everyone in there had an impeccable record with 80%+ win ratios being common; the thing that one has to wonder is "where are all these losers?". For someone to win 80% of the time, there must be a lot of losers out there - where were they?

I got my ass served to me 4 times in a row, with varying different levels of pwnage. The first game was pretty fun; 3 humans vs 3 CPU Ork opponents - the Ork guys rushed me and overwhelmed whilst my team mates just sat there watching, scared - one of the guys was the Necrons too, so he could have trundled in there with his free troops and bailed me out. I watched after I died and saw the other two getting cut up into little pieces one after another. It struck me that we could have had a good game if we'd worked together as a team. I lost a one on one take & hold game, that was pretty fun but was very quick. The final game I remember (can't remember the other one, not notable) was the last one, me & some Eldar player against Tau and Necrons. I watched the replay back and those guys worked very well together, whilst me and the Eldar guy didn't. In fact, even while he was being engulfed by the Monolith assault I didn't act upon it. I should have come to his aid, or at least made a headlong assault into the enemy positions. But I just sat there fortifying and strengthening my army. It did me no good however, as the Eldar player was wiped off the face of the map the Necrons came after me and by this time I was outnumbered 2-1. This game was an odd one; it was enjoyable, but i didn't enjoy it at the same time. The Necron player and Tau player worked well, moving units around together and helping each other out with capturing strat points. In essence, the Tau player defended the border of their shared space whilst allowing the Necron player to tech right up and reach the last tier, then released his close combat melee units and restored monolith on the game. As the Eldar player and I had only basic tanks, we had no chance against the restored monolith and Flayed ones mobbing the base. I'd like to read up some more strat about how to combat this sort of tech-rush attack against a Necron player.

The thing that suprised me most was the prevalence of team-games. All I really wanted was a couple of free-for-all annihilation games with 3-4 players. I don't care much for getting my stats on the leaderboard and would rather have fun than just getting up there and owning or be owned. It strikes me that people these days think it's fun to completely obliterate others in a one-sided match - they pay too much attention to their online rating and stats to sit back and enjoy the game.

I'm playing against some IRL friends tonight and can tell I'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Anyone fancy a game, ping me =)
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Hey. It seems sad to me when the online component of games seem to be directed purely at ladders and "pwning" each-other. When I play multiplayer games I like a competetive game, but I also want a fun experience. Some ppl just take it too seriously. I guess at least you can play co-op against CPUs. My friend and I used to have a great time playing starcraft co-op against 6 CPU players. That was a fun challenge [smile].

I haven't played the expansion pack of Dawn of War, or played it online at all, however, it strikes me: if only one player was defending, wouldn't a combined assault have kicked your opponents (in the vs Necros & Taus game)? I'm talking about while the necro was still teching up. I guess it's easy to "turtle" when you're new to the game and the fear of losing is still upon you.

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Co-op vs CPUs was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot. I'd do that style of game again, for sure. The emphasis would have to be on better comms between the human teams as the CPU can be pretty hardcore (bloody minded is the phrase).

Talking about a combined assault, it's a difficult call. You see, in Dawn of War you can save the replays and watch the game without Fog of War. I had no idea that the Necron dude was teching until he was inside my ally's base and ripping it to pieces.

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