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Ready to rock... I think

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Finally finished getting all my data off my laptop and on to my new system. I am about ready to get back in to the swing of my design document and Hades engine. I am currently distracted by Doom 3 and Deus Ex 2: Invisible War though. I am catching up with the games I always wanted to play on my laptop but couldn't. Surprisingly, there is only these two... Also looking forward to playing Half Life 2 in a high-res mode though!!!

I am also trying to get in to programmable shaders. I have downloaded RenderMonkey 1.5 and want to get the book "Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists". I am skint this month though so will have to wait until my salary goes in again before I can get it...
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hey man

I too have downloaded rendermonkey 1.5. I have some books on shaders, just not at that level yet. I am studying gamedev at the moment, so I sont want to get ahead of myself or the material.

I can recommend the shaderx books, I have the tutorials (ShaderX) one ( books have same name for some reason, but one is titles tutorials or something, memory failes me ) and have heard it is very good, so maybe have a look at that.

Then again, I have been collecting game dev books for years now, I have a library of about 20 already. :)

Just wish I had more time to read them all :)

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Thanks! The book "ShaderX2: Intro and Tutorials" is listed on Amazon UK as "DirectX 2002: Vertex and Pixel Shaders" for some reason [smile] I only found it by searching the ISBN number from Amazon USA in the UK site (same author and everything). I've added it to my basket but I'll have to wait a little while before I can order it, lol.

I have loads of gamedev books too! I think i'm addicted to buying them.

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yup, it is my addiction too,

I must actually give you a list of my books here.

Would you bes so kind as to tell me which ones ya have ?

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The one I have collected have been got over the past few years. They are in no particular order:

  • Programming Role Playing Games With DirectX 8 by Jim Adams
  • Advanced Animation With DirectX by Jim Adams
  • Data Structures For Game Programmers by Ron Penton
  • Physics For Game Developers by David Bourg
  • 3D Game Engine Programming by Stefan Zerbst
  • Swords And Circuitry by Neil Hallford
  • 3D Math Primer For Graphics And Game Development by Dunn & Parry
  • Multiplayer Game Programming by Todd Baron
  • Special Effects Game Programming by Mason McCuskey
  • Game Scripting Mastery by Alex Varanese
  • 2D Artwork and 3D Modeling For Game Artists by David Franson
  • The Indie Game Development Survival Guide by David Michael
  • 3D Game Art F/X & Design by Luke Ahearn
  • Collision Detection In Interactive 3D Environments by Van Den Bergen
  • Real-Time 3D Terrain Engines Using C++ and DirectX 9 by Gregg Snook
  • Focus On 3D Terrain Programming by Trent Polack
  • AI Game Development by Alex Champandard
  • AI Techniques For Game Programming by Mat Buckland
  • Programming Visual C++ 6 by Ivor Horton
  • Programming Windows 5th Edition by Charles Petzold

I would highly recommend almost all of these books. The only one I don't like is "Special Effects Game Programming by Mason McCuskey". The author has a horrible coding style too. I have taken something tangible from all the other books. My favourite are the top two by Jim Adams - "Programming Role Playing Games With DirectX 8" and "Advanced Animation With DirectX". The RPG one is my favourite and the one I learned the most from. The only thing is because it has been put a few years it doesn't use programmable shaders [smile]

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