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The results are in

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I've made the decision to try out a psychologist for this depression thing. I'm really not sure what will come of it, but I did get to do a couple of those nifty answer the multiple choice question thingamies.

The first one gave the psychologist an indication of the depression levels involved, and the results in my case were "Mild". I'm thinking that this is a good thing, but I wonder at some of the answers you would need to make for a "Severe" rating, and indeed how many different ratings there are.

The second test took about 40 minutes to complete, and appeared to be some kind of personality profile test, similar to what you would get in a job interview. I was told the various results the following week, and although the results were not really a surprise (ie. I agreed with them), there were a few interesting points:

* I have an ability for abstract thinking, as opposed to concrete thinking.
* I am easily distracted
* I get bored easily
* I am not very traditional

I'm sure that there were other points there that I've now forgotten, but they will come back eventually.

It's one thing to know that these are things about you, but it is another to be told by someone else methinks. Having been told these things, I am finding myself more alert to them.

I find that I usually get more down when I am bored with my work, (not too hard with the current design/databases stuff yicc..). I also find that if I am on a roll with something, and I get distracted from it, that I will almost immediately become bored with it, and unable to get back into the zone again.

This does seem to be the case with both my work, which I need to push really hard to get rolling, and with my games, which I have really been putting to the back burner lately.

Perhaps the solution to all my problems it to somehow get un-bored with things, so that I actually feel like going back to it after stopping. This would seem like an impossible task though :P
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