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More fun

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Well the GuiChan is working out great. Only issue is with fullscreen to windowed mode. I am thinking this is an SDL issue, the dev for GUIchan said he is seeing it to now that I have pointed it out and he said it's not GUIchan's fault. Oh well I only need windowed for debug, and who plays games in windowed mode anyway? I left the check box for now, hoping that it will be resolved someday.

The menu interface is about done, I am going to have to get a grip on BOOST. Yeah you heard me I haven't been using BOOST at all. I now need a way to query directories for files for the menu so the user can pick their map they want to play. Unless someone else knows of a easier way to do this than using BOOST I am all ears. I am hoping to have this menu code done tomorrow and back to finishing up my gfx code for the game. At that point I will have working framework of a game done, except for physics, collision detection, AI, pathfinding, and networking. All fun stuff that will probably bore me... :) I hope it's somewhat interesting and not to tough, for I haven't done any coding in those areas.

I am about to slit my wrist, MSVC+ .net 2005 express edition works great for the most part, my problem is that when I try and run my app on a XP system it fails and will not even load... I am not sure why this is or what I can do to fix it. The app runs fine on my Vista system. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Artwork is going to become important soon so I can post some nice screenshots vs. crap that is just thrown in for filler. Anyone know where you can buy some 2D texture artwork thats commercial quality?

Well off to bed been up the last few days coding and wishing I had this game done...

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Well turns out the computers I tried to run the app on didn't have the vcredist_x86 files installed on them. So that is solved. Thank God.

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