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Woot Woot Woot

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Everything is okay. Just got offered a superb job. Not the one I was talking about. Whole thing came completely left field.

I am drunk.

It is all actually going to be alright. It has been a long and dark two months. Perhaps this is why my developer progress has gone to rat shit. Hopefully it will all come back soon.

Rambling a bit.

I have just been offered a job that will:

1) Make me happy
2) Pay me sensibley
3) Make me HAPPY

Thanks to everyone that crossed their fingers for me. IT WORKED!!!

Sorry I'm journalling so drunk. Going to go to bed now. Speak to you all tomorrow.

Woot woot woot woot woot.
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The whole job searching process is generally hellish, especially the part in which you have to sit back and hope you get the jobs. Glad you're finally out of it (with a job that you like, no less!).

Congrats again! :)

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BTW, you owe me big time for the digit-crossing... [wink]

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Yay, congrats on finding a job that pays well and more importantly makes you happy. Glad to hear that, you've earned those beers!

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Urg. Mouth feels like something crawled in and died.

Thanks for all the above.

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Thank god! My fingers were starting to get a bit painful after all that crossing! Can relax them at last...

Congratulations on the Job, it's always a great feeling getting a job offer especially if its for one you think you'll enjoy doing!

Mrs K

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