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30 minute game

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I finally got to work on Blocky Man today, and made a basic splash screen for levels:

This is my first try at the splash screen, and will work on it so that it looks a little nicer tomorrow. I may reuse the TV theme used by the Game Over screen, since I'm already using level titles like episode names.

I also finally played through the entire ten levels today, to see how long it would take me to beat it. I could run through the old levels in ten minutes, but with the new levels, the game takes me about thirty minutes to beat. This is taking into account that I'm pretty good at the game, especially playing with my Xbox controller. Like I thought, it seems making those five new levels really paid off.
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Wow, 30 mins of "experienced" gameplay is quite an achievement for a 1 man effort. And from the sounds of your previous posts, that involved a lot of time.

Congrats! [smile]

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If a player is able to play this game and be entertained for 30 minutes or more, than I feel more than satisfied. I'd say that for a hobbyist project, that's quite good. Plus there's also the level editor which should be fun to use.

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Managed to get a good couple of hours out of one of your earliest platformers. I forget the name but everything was entirely blocks (including the chararacter) so probably blocky v1 :P

The main game we played was trying to complete all the levels without letting go of the forward key. It was pretty damn tricky and you had to figure out the best times to jump to get through a section without delay.

Thought about adding time attack mode? :)

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Yep, that was the original Blocky Man, before he went all hollywood on us[grin] That was my first complete platformer. It didn't have animation, but I still think it's fun.

Although there won't be a specific time attack mode, the game will record your best time upon completing a main game level.

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