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Status indicators!

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I didn't have as much time to work on the project today as I put off my theory of comp. homework until today, and I've still got to go to office hours to sort out some parts before I turn it in :(

Anyway I did get some overlays working, you can toggle on and off a border and health/shield indicator over all the game objects. When you shoot at something, it will update the indicators accordingly. At the same time I realized my structure and ship classes were really similar, so I abstracted that functionality into a GameObject class and made Ship and Structure children. Then I moved a large portion of the initialization into those classes instead of having it sitting in my main initialization method.

Also figured out that my ship looked needlessly degraded because I was scaling down a large version in-game. I went back into Inkscape and scaled the original down and its not noticeable from the screenshot, but when you move the ship around it looks a lot better.

Hopefully I can do some heavy work on it this weekend, but I've got a lot of other work to do: catch up on reading my linear algebra book, do a mountain of linear algebra homework and start working on my linguistics project.
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