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Agloco Affiliate Program

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I just recently signed up for this new affiliate program called Agloco. I don't normally get into a lot of the affiliate programs or ad programs but this one seems interesting. Basically how it works is you download a web toolbar, called a viewbar, that displays adds and a search bar. The bar can be disabled at any time with a simple click and you don't have to have it running if you don't want to. While it is running you can earn money four different ways:

1) Browsing - You earn an automatic share of Agloco's revenue based on the amount of time you spend browsing the net with the viewbar on.

2) Company shares - You earn shares; in the company stock, that can later be sold, based on your browsing time with the toolbar.

3) Referrals - The more referrals you have the bigger the share you earn for both 1 and 2.

4) Revenue sharing - Whenever a member buys something from an Agloco ad, affiliate link, or from a search in the toolbar, you get a share of the purchase.

The philosophy behind the company is that people are making money from you on the web regardless of what you are doing. Youtube for example have made billions, ads and marketing campaigns, off of there users who have received nothing for their contribution. Agloco is completely free so I figured why not give it a shot. I am going to browse the net regardless so I might as well be making a buck or two off of all the ads I see.

Referral Link: Agloco
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