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Works been keeping me pretty busy lately; worked almost 40 hours this week (16 of which was in a single day. Gotta love working doubles lol.) Next week is going to be close to 40 too.

I have done some work though; mostly design though. I've almost got my storyline for the series worked out and I'll be able to start writing the story for the first game soon.

Programming wise I almost have my engine issues worked out. I'm thinking I need a small redesign on parts of it though. At the moment it's more of a wrapper (as it always is -_-) so I'll be doing that between now and Monday.

And I just remembered that I need to start working on my website. Most of the code from my old site will be useable, so it should only take a few days.

Also, I have a cold for the first time in like 2 years.

Tune in next time for some screenshots!

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