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Turbosquid sadness

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The post below this is much more technical, and actually contains interesting discussion. This post just vents steam.

So I picked up a few different building models with textures off TurboSquid. (Sometimes, spending money feels like an adequate substitute for progress)

The description for the packages I bought indicated that the models came with textures, in LWO and 3DS format, and were "ready to go." Unfortunately, one of the packages actually doesn't include textures, and the 3DS files in the other two packages don't have materials or texture coordinates, so if I were to use them, I'd have to re-create the materials, and UV map the models all over again.

"Ready to go" -- hardly.

Why does everything have to suck so much? Why can't things just work? In the 1800s, when you bought a horse whip, chances are, the whip would actually work pretty well for whipping horses (if that's your style). These days, it seems like there's a race to the bottom -- just above "unacceptable" seems good enough.
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Wow that is really false advertising. You should honestly contact them and get your money back because that was a complete bait and switch. Thanks for the heads up though, I was going to buy some cheap props this month as some placeholders but it definitely won't be from there now... I don't want to deal with the hassle.

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Hey, it's like $30 per pack, not worth the hassle :-)

I have, however, contacted TurboSquid customer support. It may very well just be that the artist that uploaded the files didn't do good QA, and can fix it. I'd rather actually have the models working than have a fight on my hands.

I've previously bought good stuff from TurboSquid, but given how it works, it's very hit-or-miss. Btw: Do you know of another online art marketplace like that that I could check out? I haven't found anything remotely similar in selection.

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And thus you have your answer for while quality is so low on pretty much everything - people put up with it. Why should a profit-minded business increase thier overhead by supplying and/or verifying quality when thier customers either don't value it (i.e. aren't willing to pay the increased costs) or don't care about quality (i.e. don't complain about poor quality).

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Oh, I complain. I just don't sue. So, what I've done:

1) I filed one-star reviews for the packages, describing the problem.
2) I contacted TurboSquid customer service, and had them verify the problem.
3) They are working with the artist to see whether they can create fixed versions.

If they can fix them, everyone wins -- I get what I want, and future customers presumably get the updated versions. The cost to me is then that I had to do QA, and spend some of my time. The cost to them is that they had to spend customer service time on it, and a really poor review. If they can't make the files work for me, they'll refund the money, which means they're out customer service time, and have a poor review on their hands.

I'm actually pretty happy about their follow-through on a few $30-$50 purchases -- they've showed more willingness to help than some $500-$700 products I could mention (*cough*Archos*cough*). I would be totally happy to pay double for the art, if I were somehow guaranteed it would actually work, but the market for game art is small enough that nobody's filled that niche. Instead, I pay with my time. It would still be a steal compared to subbing it out for custom development.

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