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Good few weeks I guess

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Sorry for not updating in a while. I hope to update daily now.
I have updated my journal with some new templating.

My team CrxGames has started our first contest today. It is called High In The Sky. You make a flight game that has all skies and the skies change every 15 seconds. For more info visit crxgames.com.

I have also been doing some coding on the Quantantium Engine. I have been working on a snow/particle system.

I have also been helping out with the network administration at my school.
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Nice templating! The contest is tempting, but I don't think I could spare the time right now. (school starts soon, I just had to reinstall xp so now I have to get everything else installed, and a million other things)

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Emphasis on some coding, hes having c"coders block" so i get stuck with it, e just plays WoW beta, well now so do i, im ashamed.

WEll for the record im co-running the contest, and i need GDNet+ for my own journal lol.

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