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GDnet Content and GI Seminars

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Just two quick announcements. First of all, GameDev.net is slowly but surely coming back to life as we get further and further along with our back-end improvements. Although site response has slowed down a bit again, it was blazingly fast for quite a while and we'll definetly have it back into shape like that soon once again. We had a bit of snafu with PayPal payments for GDnet+ members, but that's been cleared up as well. The password resets that have plagued many people since the attempted server incursion are also dwindling, and those that have had issues have had their problems resolved quickly and efficiently. Most recently we've rebuilt our publishing interface, so we can finally start posting articles and reviews again - yey new content!! We hope to have a new review up on Wednesday and a new article up on Friday, but if not then I apologize in advance and beg you to pester me :) There's lots of other small things going on behind the scenes I'm itching to talk about soon as well.

In other news, I'm happy to finally bring the seminar Debugging in Visual Studio to the masses. I've been excited about this seminar from the day it was proposed to me - who doesn't see debugging at first as intimidating? Digging through all that code, breakpoints, watch windows, memory leaks... ahhhh!!! :P Well Steve Jones has put together a fabulous presentation covering all the angles:

When writing software even the most experienced coder will create errors in the program. You want to be able to find and fix errors as quickly as possible. It would even be beneficial to do it during the development phase rather than waiting until later. Code syntax errors are easy to find because most of the time the compiler tells you what and where they are so you can fix them easily. But what about logical errors? How do you track down and fix errors that compile but aren't apparent yet until you run your program? Is there a better way to do it instead of using just log files and printfs all over your program? Well there is and we will explore what the latest versions of Visual Studio provide for us.

Intended Audience
Any developer with little or no experience working with the Visual Studio debugger.

Running Length
1 hour

This seminar debuts this Thursday at 8pm EDT. Visit the Event page for scheduling info and to subscribe to receive further event notifications!

These events are completely free for GI students, and if you're not enrolled you can still register a free account and join in!

And let's not also forget our already existing offerings:

Using IBModeler
Good Coding Practices
Team Building Tips
Production Best Practices
Game Cinematics Case Studies

Okay that's all from me for right now. Peace out!
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I didn't know you guys had free sessions. Would be a blast to come and check out.

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Suggestion, but could you guys record these please or put up the powerpoint like you did for Good Coding Practices? I honestly never have been able to attend one of these cause of my wacky work schedule.

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Hahah, Superpig FTW! [smile]

@Iced_Eagle - yea I've been bad with adding lecture slides to the presentations since the interface to upload em has been broken for a while and constantly overlooked as we work on other things. I'll make a note to get em up soon tho and I'll PM you when I do

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