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A lack of journal updates means either I'm dead or there hasn't been any progress. Since I'm typing this and am not a zombie, you can guess which one it is.

It actually had nothing to do with the programming, the game just wasn't fun and I couldn't really make the levels I wanted without horrible hacks due to Dooms limitations. I had a few people offer to do models, but it came three weeks too late.

It was a tough call to end the project after putting so much work into it, but it definately needed a better design. I'm not going to work on a game I wouldn't play.

Anyway I'll put out the source in the next post. My policy is now that when something is far enough along and I stop working on it to release the source.

New Stuff:

I'm working on a new basecode/engine(I prefer the term basecode) with support for real 3D maps instead of the 2.5D Doom ones. Basically it takes in Wavefront .obj files and converts them to my own format which will then have game-specific features put in through my own editor. The maps are meant to be used for top-down gameplay since the world is divided in a simple grid style.

My other project is a C# wrapper for the Newton physics API. I know several have been made already, but they didn't seem that great. Mine isn't very good right now either, joints and ragdolls aren't implemented and my demp app suffers from random null reference exceptions, probably related to the fact that I know nothing about how to properly use PInvoke.

I'm thinking of making it into an open source project(NOT GPL). Maybe someone will feel like helping to develop it. I want to build an OO wrapper around the basic DLL calls as well since using static C functions in C# is really ugly.

Here's a gif of the current test app for it. It's based on the code from tutorial 2 of the Newton SDK.

I know three boxes falling on each other isn't exciting, but at least it works.
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Sorry to hear Escalation being dropped after all of this work, but I know the feeling of losing the passion for developing a game. It really *is* best to just drop it and move on. Looking forward to your next game project, however. [smile]

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Sad to hear about Escalation -- I thought it was a pretty cool project. Those feelings you harbor are not unfamiliar to myself, so I can empathize to a degree. I am quite excited to see the code though, and your open source policy is quite generous. Thanks in advance.

Also, good luck on your next project!


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