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Evil Steve


While I wait for CodeWarrior to compile, I'm going to gibber for a bit.

I have 2 devkits now. Whee! That means I can do multiplayer testing, which is nice. I feel like I did when I first got my second PC - "Holy crap! Networking! Wow!"

MUD stuff: I've got my file classes (EFileMgr, EFile) and config file class (Which reads and writes .ini-format files) written and working, and TEH MUD will use .ini files for most data; user information, actions (TA-style, I might drop these though), items, rooms, perhaps NPCs.
I'd like to use some scripting in TEH MUD, ideally DruinkScript, but I don't think I can handle going back and using it. So I'm currently thinking lua. My plan is to have a scripts directory, with a boot.lua script which can be used to register the scripts for commands. There'll only be a handfull of commands that are hard coded, such as ones to reboot or shutdown the server and reload scripts. In fact, they might be the only two scripts.

I haven't really thought this through completely, so I'm not quite sure about a lot of things. I don't know if I want to handle flood detection in Lua for instance (I probably want to do as much as possible), and I don't know how my main loop will work; it might be in C++, or it might be in lua, not sure (Again, probably Lua).

I also need a way to get my MUD to use less CPU, probably only tick at 10Hz or something, although that'll screw up ping times for people. I might make a special case for pinging somehow.

Anyway, CodeWarrior has finished compiling, back to work...
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