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Ok, so here is the story. I took a programming test for a gaming company a while back. Said test was timed and it was a rather short period of time. You only had two problems to solve. Needless to say I was unable to finish even the first problem in the time alloted. At that time I just gave up and wrote it off that my programming skills were not up to par for the test.

The other night I was rather bored so I decided to try the problem again. After struggling with the problem for some time, I decided to use the internet to help me find my solution. After a couple searches, I had a general idea of how to solve the problem. It was not a difficult solution. In fact I am quite sure that if I had attended a four year college instead of a trade school, said problem would have take very little time. But even with my Internet research my second attempt still took longer that the original alloted time. The issue I had and still have is my lack of knowledge of what I guess could be considered some of the basic software engineering principals. I blame this mainly on my current level of education.

So I'm headed back to school to get my BS in Computer Science. I already have an Associate Degree from Full Sail. But as more time goes by I realize that stopping there is not enough. I must continue my education so I can get to a place where I want to be in life. Successfully developing video games.
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