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My 5 Minutes (or so) of Fame

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Wed, Apr 18

So I went to check on my GGE page and upon loading the home page I glanced at the Top Developers spot and noticed this

Weird, I dunno how the heck I ended up there but hey, I'll take it right? I'd like to know what gets you on that list, since it seems to change everyday I look at it. I snapped this screen shot at 7:30pm and it's now 4:30am and checking the site I'm down to the bottom of the list, #5. I guess it's some derivative of this page, tho looking at it now it has me listed as the most popular for today. although wait, today is now tomorrow from when I took the screenshot... woah... *head 'splode*

Anyways I just found it rather interesting and to give me further excuse to make a journal post. The other reason I'm posting, and the one I'm not so proud about is the fact that the front page has no new review up. However I'm still looking to get a new article up on Friday. I'll even go so far as to tease - it's another article from Joe Lieberman, who last wrote What A Portal Wants. You guys get to string me up if there's no article posted Friday without a good excuse from me :P Please note that "Friday" could mean different things for different people depending on where you live, so please wait until you wake up Saturday and check the site again before coming after me with the rope, mmk? [smile]

Gawds I need to wake up early tomorrow, what the hell am I still doing here? Bye.
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