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Evil Steve


And now scripting is in. I'm amazed how nice and simple it was, once I got my OOPy stuff working with C closures.
I can run a script that just calls LoadScript("Test2.script") correctly, and call a function from that newly loaded script with the following code:

// The function:
class LoadScript : public EScriptFunction
LoadScript() : EScriptFunction(L"LoadScript") {}

virtual void Call(EScriptContext& context)

// Register the function
EScriptMgr::Get().Register(new LoadScript);

// Load and run Test.script (Which will cause LoadScript to be called)

// Get an object allowing us to make a call to the "main" function in Lua
EScriptCall::SP pCall = EScriptMgr::Get().Call(L"main");

// Add some args

// Call the script function
{ /* Error */ }

// Get the first return value as a string
std::wstring strRetval = pCall->GetRetvalAsString(0);

Nice and simple. I might make some wrapper functions to easily call script functions with 0 or 1 parameters that return void.

So anyway, scripting is now "Complete", and is ready to be moved into TEH ENGINE. I told you there was a reason to be doing this side project [smile]
So I've now got 3 modules ready to bung into the main engine; File system, network and scripting.

I'll probably start getting the guts of the server going today, and it should be ready for a test tomorrow if all goes well. I'll post in the lounge if that's the case.

Anyway, work time...
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