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Gentlemen start your engines

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At the moment, I am in the process of creating a 2D engine because it's quicker and easier than going for a 3D engine right off the bat. Well in my case anyway. Secondly, I have more of a desire to do actual "game programming" than hardcore 3D engine programming at the moment.

The thought of developing a 3D engine in itself is a herculean task and staying motivate to develop a 3D game in the midst of it seems almost impossible. I really don't want to spend the better part of a year or so developing something that may not get finished or when it's done all I have to show is some renders of a level or shading algorithm.

Nope, what I want is to produce some small games. 2D right now is the ticket, and finishing something has higher importance. The juice for me has always been developing the logic around an engine and of course creating the game graphics.

Once I get a decent 2D engine up and running then I'll evaluate the prospect of creating a 3D engine on top it but then again that depends on how much fun I'm having doing 2D stuff.

3D is cool, and I've seen quite a few engines with very nice features but I've also very few 3D games.
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2D is the only way to roll =)

Since you mention you would rather program 'the game(s)' instead of the 'engine' perhaps you would want to use a pre-existing game library?

I spent about 6 months writing a 2D 'engine' in c++ with opengl and at the end had a nice framework, but no game =) For me, it wasn't worth it, as I am mostly interested in making games and not the tech behind them (although it was a great learning experience).

Not sure what languages you are aiming to use (c++ is what I gather from your previous entries) but I would recommend something along the lines of the PTK Engine, or the Playground SDK.

I use PTK and really like it, you can check my journal to see the stuff I have put together with it. I am also hearing good things about Playground, although I have never used it. Both of these sdks are geared towards casual games, but will probably be able to handle most of what you want to throw at 'em =)

Just some thoughts, hope you find them useful =)

Good luck!

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Thanks for the heads up on the engines and yes it's C++ for me. I'll take a look at these today and see if I find something I like. If not, then I'll probably embark on creating a 2D engine myself for the experience as you stated...just need to develop a game out of it in the process.

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2D Engines take a long time to develop as well, especially if you're doing things from the ground up, and haven't programmed an engine before. It's definitely the better approach before going into 3D engine development though. That is the approach I've been working with and although I don't have a lot of time to work on things, it still took me a year to get my engine up to a level that is ready to be used for game production. So, I'd second what shadowcomplex suggested, if you really want to concentrate on the game and don't really want to work on the engine, use a pre-existing one. If you want to learn more about engines and plan on spending a lot of time working with engine code, then write your own, but whether it's 2d or 3d there still is a lot that goes into both.

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