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Game Design Decisions

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Hail All,

I've considered the feedback I've gotten from users, and have now made some decisions about what game design goals I have for the Miniature Multiplayer Online Role-playing game.

I agree with those people who've said the focus of the project should be on the process and technology behind developing an MMO, while focusing less on the actual design of the game. However, it's ultimately the design of the game which makes the MMO. Without it, it's a glorified 3D chatroom (not that this is bad).

So listed below is a bit of a summary of the features I'm attempting for the project. These have been kept simple enough that people have plenty of room to customize them to fit their needs, while being interesting enough to cover, what I believe to be, the majority of features currently available in an MMORPG.

* There will be a chat system, which includes 'say', 'yell', and 'whisper', plus additional channels.
* There will be 1 zone, which will contain 1 randomly generated instance
* There will be 1 race: Humanoid.
* There will be 4 classes: Tank, Nuker, Healer, and Handyman - each with unique abilities
* There will be 25 levels, each offering access to new skills and higher character stats.
* There will be no PvP
* There will be both simple melee and ranged combat
* There will be the use of special abilities and spell-casting via a hotbar
* There will be a crafting system which allows for the creation of light, medium, and heavy armor, as well as weapons designed for the various classes.
* There will be quests of various types; including kill quests, collection quests, delivery quests, and escort quests.
* There will be half a dozen killable/skinnable mob types in the zone
* There will be half a dozen evil/loot able mobs in the randomly generated dungeon
* There will be resource nodes for crafting
* There will be lootable/equipable objects of different types; including Armor, Weapons, Crafting Materials, and Potions
* There will be various NPC's which can be communicated with. These include quest givers, vendors, and trainers.
* There will be a party system allowing groups of up to 4 people.

As you may have noticed, this looks largely like a scaled down version of World of Warcraft. And, although I don't necessarily agree with or like Blizzard's implementation of an MMO, most people who come through the doors of "For Beginners" say something like "I want to create an MMO like WoW, how do I do that?" So, here ya go. Now you too can make a game like WoW...for only 3 easy payments of $49.99.

As I work through the design goals more thoroughly, and as I work through the technical details of the MMO I will post updates. As with all good things, progress will be cyclical.

As well, feel free to post your suggestions.

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Recommended Comments

Original post by Stowelly
am i missing something or is this a joke? lol

"for only 3 easy payments of $49.99."

I was wondering the same thing...I ended up rereading it like 5 times and finally concluded that it must be a joke.

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Ok, I'm officially taking note of the feed for your journal. If nothing else it'll be interested to watch your progression (and daily pain!). Good luck!

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Original post by coderx75
Not a joke... but there is some sense behind the madness.

sorry was referring to the 49.99 comment, i read the thread and am subscribed to the feed.

just want to show some gratitude to jwalsh, looks like this is quite a mammouth task for someone to take on board, and will be looking forward to getting this working on my 360

although not too sure how long it is going ot be until they add network support to xna on the 360 yet, hope its soon though

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Original post by Stowelly
am i missing something or is this a joke? lol

"for only 3 easy payments of $49.99."

Yes, it's a joke. Am I the only one that's ever seen an infomerical?

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I think you should add 2 more additional zones to the game, as it will allow you to implement a 'portal' system to warp to the next zone.

I like the idea, esp. since this will show a beginner how much work it actually is to create an MMO. This will hopefully reduce the amount of beginners asking for HOW DO I, and if they ask, it's a matter of pointing to the workshop.

I have one question: How are you going to present the workshop? I personally think it's a bad idea to do this either in your journal, or in a GDNet post. The post will be cluttered with comments, and make it difficult to read.

Perhaps it's a wise idea to short circuit this with the gdnet staff. Perhaps they'll give you an easy way of hosting it, or let you create an additional journal. I would personally lean to an additional journal, as you can post your things in there, and still allow people to comment / ask questions in the comment section. And, things are well documented for later.


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I am brand new to programming, so I am sure you might have already thought about this, especially since you are more of a tools developer, but I was thinking a good starting point is the world editor.

I will be the first to say I have no clue what the proper or best steps are to create a project of this kind of scale, even a miniature version of it. I was just thinking about the various tutorials and posts I have read, and with my own minimal experience, it has always been, build an engine, create a level, figure out how to export and import levels, create a level editor (at least for tile based games).

Obviously you will need models and art to go into the game, but from a programming perspective, that is what I would do.

Thanks for doing this project by the way jwalsh. I wrote a great post to your beginner topic, and before I could click reply, my washing machine kicked on and I had a brown out, so my system restarted.

Anyway, I'll be following you step by step, while I do my tutorials, read my book, and go to school (CS major).


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