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Vista online

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I was woken up this moring at about 7:30ish by the postman, he wanted me to sign for some package so I did and when I got in side promptly opened it do find that it was a DVD package containing Vista hp edition. Seeing as I didn't have to leave for college until 12:05 I backuped my stuff and started installing vista. About 1/2 later and the install was done, however the network wasn't working. I spent the rest of what time I had trying to fix it to no avail and before I knew it the time was 12:05 and I had to leave. Anyway I got back at 4 (actually 3:50 but I went to the village store and brought some foods) and started to try a figure out the problem. Didn't take long to find out that it was my adapters drivers so I tried various different ones and finally (I'm talking a good 3 hours) I find the ones that work YAY. So now I have vista working online, Office 2007 installed and tomorrow I'll install visual c++.

Development News
Well there is none but I thought I might write down some info about what I'm developing.
Well basically all my free time is spent creating the Fallen Engine which is a 2D library. The basic idea behind the design of the engine is modularity and extendibility. This basically means that if i want to change which renderer im using i won't have to change any game code.

How is this done in my engine?
Basically I have a static module class which has the various functions of the module. This static class calls the respective functions for an interface of the module. (module --- interface --- interface implementation).

Engine features.
Basic shape drawing (lines and quads)
Texture quad rendering
Sprites and sprite management
Four different blend modes (Alpha, Dark, Light, Solid)
Color masking
Support for various transformations (scale and rotation) (handle offset - i.e. rotation about the center of a local quad can be done)
Currently supports various formats using the freeimage library
Resource management (you can load resources into a global resource pool - this helps to get rid of globals and is also very helpful)
Module messaging system (the modules can handle messages which are sent to them)
System input module (lets you get user input)

-- I'll put up a more exciting video as soon as its possible.
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