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It Ain't Much...

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Working on my Adventure Maker project, which I decided to give the label "Dungeon Delver". Finally have a screenshot.

Yes, it is modest at this point. After much hem and haw, I decided to trash most of the old console version, and just go with a UI version. I also decided to split out the editor and the player into two different applications.

Which leads me to this segment of "Why I Like Visual C# and .Net 2.0":

I have the object model for the adventure/dungeon. I have an editor application. I have a player application. I dislike duplicating code, but dislike wrasslin with my tools to make it work nicely together. VC# gives me the ability to easily work with a class library, an editor application, and a player application in a single session, and setting up the dependencies between the applications and the class library were half a dozen clicks to set dependencies and references.

I also like that I was able to get about 90% of the functionality I wanted from the editor just by using the designer. For the Doors tab (shown in the screen shot), there are about 50 lines of code driving it, and the rest is all designery-goodness. And yes, it is fully functional.

What's next?

I have to complete the object model in the class library first.

However, as I was making the items list, I realized that 99% of the code for each of my listviews is practically identical to every other listview (the only difference is how many columns the listview has, the widths of those columns, what gets put in those columns, and what edit dialog is launched), so these are going to get a baseclass.

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You planning to check out that SilverWhatever C#-based Flash knockoff from Microsoft?

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