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Gearo Prototype Video 2

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After putting off the collision for Gearo for over a week (which is almost 1/6th of my target development time) I decided to do it today. There was a little trickiness involved, but for the most part, my emulated 3D world is unable to resist my iron hammer of code.

So, I threw together another video. Again, less than 1 MB and you'll need the XVid codec (see below). The enemies aren't exactly smart, and they turn red when collisions occur -- the only practical debugging method I could think of.

Collision Video:

In other news, it seems to be incredibly tricky for me to get out of the chemistry business and into software development. I really thought three years of professional research experience in a laboratory and a CS degree would get me in somewhere. Apparently not =/

Next on the list for Gearo: Animations and interactions!
Next on the list for Fireheart: The tech tree!
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From the screenshots and everything I've read thus far, things seem to be coming along pretty well with your projects. At the moment, Icant see anything video wise because my work doesnt allow the download.

When I get home tonight, I'll download the vid's and comment and again. Thanks for the heads up on the engines btw as well.

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Hopefully you'll like the videos =)

No problem with the recommendations, I only hope they turn out to be useful to you. I would love to see some of your art work animated and running around in a game world so I thought I'd try and 'speed up' your development =)

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Hey man the vids are awesome...I cant wait until I start posting some stuff as well. BTW, Thanks for the compliments on my artwork...let's see how that actually turns out :)

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Cool video!

I Normally find collisions hard to get right so well done!

Btw, I really like the artwork.

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Thanks =)

Glad you like the art style -- I am working with an artist for both Gearo and Fireheart and you can see that he can obviously make my junk code appear stunning =)

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