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Blue Meanies vs. Capitalist Hamster

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I don't know. I've only finished one so far (1/4) and it didn't go so well. Ask me again in a week's time.


The radar is gradually unsucking, but it'll still take a lot of time to get it up where I want it.

I want to start implementing the front-end menu for the game, which means I need to finish off my button and radio-button UI object classes. This I will do soon, possibly as a study break.

Propane Injector

I've been speaking to a lot of people who are looking for a game API that's just about in PI's niche, but PI needs a lot more polish before it can be a "real" competitor. Later I'll have to rethink the future of PI and potentially embark on a redesign; one of the things I'm thinking of doing is rejiggering the Game2D and Game3D namespaces to be more complete, including a 3D actor class.

One nice thing I'm working on now: generative textures. I've written a whole set of texture generators for PI and are working on an open source tool to build them using a Lisp-like scripting syntax.

What's next? A loader for the free Torque Constructor (OS X, Windows) map editor format. I do so enjoy this tool.

After that is rejigging the Model class to take more than just md2; I have a nice Lightwave OBJ importer that I wrote the other day and want to do an ms3d loader as well.


Not much else is going on. My internship starts May 1 so I'm hoping to make some serious progress in the few days I have off before it starts, and dedicate more time to game development than I have thus far these last two busy semesters.
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