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Alrighty, I got a good chunk done today.

First off, I did a full design document (it's only 3 pages, but that's all I need.) I REALLY like how it turned out. You can see most of it [here] (I've cut out the ending because I'm awesome like that :P).

I also modified the GUI some. I got into programming and I realized that I wanted to have one font for text output and one for the hud, but I didn't have support for this. So, I added it. Now the GUI skin file format has a font section and I can load one or several fonts (need to have at least one.) You need to mark at least one font as default as well. Then each control specifies which font it wants (all controls default to 'default'.)

I also spent a few minutes making a temporary main menu background (no, I didn't draw the stick figure; I found it somewhere):

And here's an updated screenshot of the in-game view:

At the moment I have the ammo count hooked up to the left mouse button (it goes down when you click) and the score counter to the right mouse button (it goes up by 120 when you click.) So...things are coming together nicely :D.
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Original post by EDI
[Obligatory comment]
yay progress! :)

OMG, IT'S TEH EDI!!!!! *fanboy squee*

Lol, thanks :)

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