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I never thought I'd say it...

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... but SQL Server 2005 is quite interesting [oh]

For many years I gave SQL and databases little more attention than the occasional yawn. Coming from a gaming/multimedia background why would I ever want to mess with that stuff?

So anyway, my day-job for the last 8 months is in 'normal' IT and I've been using SQL-based technologies almost every day so far - our current solution is ultimately a big exercise in moving data around and storing it all in SQL DB's.

Thing is, 8 months in I've finally sat down to do some self-training on this topic as I've been bumbling along with the vague knowledge picked up during a 'relational database' module at university 3 years ago [lol]

Courtesy of the 'MVP Academy' I got 'Collection 2778: Writing Queries Using Microsoft(R) SQL Server(TM) 2005 Transact-SQL' for free. My experience of "e-learning" has being quite unpleasant in the past, but this course has been really good - so I'm finding SQL Server 2005 to be both interesting and mildly entertaining [oh]

Just to balance things out, I was writing up the first part of my document on the D3D10 project I'm planning for. I'm gonna need a heavy dose of HLSL to get over all this T-SQL [grin]
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Databases are "mildly entertaining" and that's how you know you've gone a little crazy! [smile]

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I have to say: for a drunk post, your spelling is immaculate. [grin]

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