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Rocky Start

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Here I am, up early...I mean like 5am early and ready to get things going. My luck, I run into ridiculous issues like my intellisense just stops working. Are you kididng me??

So I've been mucking around with this all morning long trying to figure out how to get it back. I also purchased a re-up of Visual Assist but they still havent sent me the key...damnt.

Right now, I'm installing the SP1 for VS2005 hoping this helps with the intellisense issue because all the tips I've found so far via GOOGLE just dont seem to work.

Oh well...on to the task at hand.

After my post's from yesterday I decieded that it would be easier and quicker to create a 2D game with decent visuals for testing the engine and game play features that I have in mind. Afterwards, once the engine has proven to be a stable piece of software and I have some really cool reasuable game play classes. It would be at that point I will step it up graphically.

Just to give you an idea, I want to use 3D models for everything. Yet, that takes time...a lot of time because I'm going to have to rig and animate characters, create textures, then theres render time, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So it's will be faster for me to create 2D graphics without the assistance of 3D...but I wont skimp on the quality. Who knows though...I might mix and match.


Project Name: Shadow Fist

Design: 0% - Havent worked out the actual gameplay yet, but I'm addressing that this evening. I'm feeling a Shinobi thing happening here though...keeping it simple.

Graphics: 0% - All in my head at the moment. I know how I want it to look.

Sound: 50% - I have pretty good stock library of sounds but I'm going to have create custom music for the game itself.

Code: 0% - No engine, No game Logic, No Intellisense....I'm in trouble at the moment.
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They say the rockiest starts end up producing the best games! All the best luck, and looking forward to watching SF develop. [smile]

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