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nothing real big dev-wise going on just yet. i figured i'd throw an update up about what's been going on lately.

first off, i just moved into a new apt with my gf. alot of adjustments to time schedules and stuff are going on, and its just about time to start getting back to the projects.

next up, my gf gave my lappy a drink of her pepsi and so now i'm using a new acer desktop: ~2.2GHz Athon, 446MB RAM, GeForce 6100 nForce 405 w/125MB. we might be able to get the lappy up and running again, but for now all the old stuff is gone except what i uploaded here.

i did a little bit of practice sketching the other day and i still got what i had before. nothing worth uploading, just some eyes and a front-on/profile pair.

the last thing i'll mention is that on the new computer is windows vista, and i have to say i'm pissed that diablo2 doesn't work on it yet, thats like the only game i actually play. worse yet, my full version of ms visual studio 2k3 doesn't work under vista, and they don't plan on releasing a version that will. express works so i'm still good to go.


edit: turns out diablo2 works. first run it didn't want to see the cd for some reason.. no worries, i got my crack back.
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