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Work work work work work wo-rk

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Most of today's entry is posted in my own weblog, which isn't always related to game development.

What is related to game development is that I'm spending some time getting the FBO system working exactly properly in Novarunner; this has stuck in my craw for quite some time and I'm going to be happy to get a system that works.

At the moment, I'm going to implement two FBO maps; standard and distortion. They'll be combined in a post-processing step using an additional shader, and I'll have to make it easy to add another FBO map later, because inevitably I'll think of another effect I want (such as bloom).

Anyway, the distortion map will be used for things like black holes and diffraction effects (such as the stealth ship upgrade -- oops, maybe wasn't supposed to talk about that).

This is effectively the start of a deferred shading system, a concept which simultaneously elates and terrifies me -- it's time to start counting megabytes on the GPU and all that other bullshit that I see big commercial game developers moaning about. [headshake]
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Maybe we should start a GDNet Gathering club for us functional programming types.

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I think it'd be more fun if the competition was about writing a functional programming language, and then writing a game using it. Mainly because I'd prefer to use Scheme, which I don't think has an SDL port. [sad]

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Anything that compiles to native code should work fine with SDL...

It looks like there's an SDL binding for Chicken Scheme, and it looks like Gauche has a version that uses SDL for output.

Some guy looks like he came up with a GL binding for PLT. Here's some stuff on using it.

Regardless of niceness, you could learn a new functional language! Gasp. [grin]

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