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More Gearo Progress

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Unfortunately I didn't get much sleep last night, but in exchange I made a lot of progress with Gearo.

The game really consists of 4 systems. There is the front end (options/loading/creating characters), the World Map, the Combat, and the Village/location system.

Up to this point I had a good chunk of the front end finished, and have been making progress on the combat. Last night I tidied up the collision, made the enemies a 'tad' bit more intelligent, put in a mock hud, and got some basic attacking based on proximity/attack rates in.

The really exciting part though, is that I also got a really decent part of the World Map in. Basically, you travel the country side trying to engage the enemy at various points as well as liberating towns. The World Map is the representation that is similar to a Final Fantasy overworld. This is also where we hope to introduce some non-linear gameplay, allowing multiple paths and locations to visit, all at the player's discretion.

So here's video number 3. It shows off the world map (yes, my programmer art sucks) and then goes into the "combat". When the player attacks he flashes blue and when the shades attack they flash red. Super simple atm.

Three system video:

(xvid codec required)

So a brief break down:
Front End System: 80% complete
World Map System: 50% complete
Combat: 15% complete
Town/Location: 0% complete

Didn't work on Fireheart yesterday, but plan on putting some attention there later tonight.

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Congrats on progress, that's always a good thing :)

Just curious but what are you doing for sound? Or is it that fraps isnt capturing it?

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If that's programmer art you should be proud. Some of my programmer art has consisted of stick people and pixel art that looked like it belonged on Auqa Teen Hunger Force.

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Just curious but what are you doing for sound? Or is it that fraps isnt capturing it?

Since I am using PTK, there is a now included class called KSound which I have a modest wrapper for. It isn't really integrated into Gearo yet (its the same one I use for Fireheart) mostly because I don't have any music for Gearo finished yet. Although, putting sound effects in soon, might be a good idea =)

If that's programmer art you should be proud.

Well, I am not 'super' proud of it, but it is functional at least, and kinda sorta looks like an actual world map. Thankfully it has now been replaced with an actual [unfinished] version of the final design for the map =)

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