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Gearing up

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Well this weekend really wasnt that much of a wash. Yeah, I had a few technical issues IDE wise but that's beside the point. Actually, I spent most of my time researching exactly what kind of game I want to develop as well as the look. I can say this much though, it really did help to play a lot of games in the genre im interested in.

Anyway, one of the hardest things that I cope with at times is being a perfectionist. I'm going to forsake that attribute a bit in the art department for this project. Now that doesnt mean it will lack in quality but I'm kinda rigid when it comes for things looking well, the way they should. See, I've been developing CG content mainly for the purpose of reproducing things as they are in the real world. But hey, this is game development and that means that there really are no rules (so I say), things can be fun and best of all stylized. Examples, Alien Hominid, Sketch Warriors2, etc...

This week I plan to create a mini design document and some concept art. Hopefully by next weekend I'll be in a position to do some early alpha test with my 2D engine that is currently in development. Aside from that, I'll keep continuing to study and play the games that are for now driving my ideas...Metal Slug, Shinobi, etc, etc.

I really do have some cool ideas, artistically...I just hope that it works out the way it is in my head. Man, so much to do :)
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