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Announcing: Project Skirmish

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Project Skirmish

What is it?

The game, codenamed "Project Skirmish" for the time being, is to become an online team-oriented 2D tactical shooter. For comparison sake, it will be comparable to games such as Infantry, Planetside, and CounterStrike. It will be unique from all of these, but draw inspiration as a base for its developments to spring from.

Project Skirmish will take place in a dangerous futuristic world, full of both danger and opportunity. In a world where corporations dominate the nations' governments, where the common folk must rise up to arms just to survive, where local cities' militias must fight off these corporations' mercenary armies, where the world is engulfed in chaotic all-encompassing battle. With new technology like plasma weapons, railguns, and laser weapons rapidly entering the market, warfare only becomes bloodier. Players take on the roles of mercenaries, militiamen, soldiers and more in a variety of world-wide conflicts scattered across the war-torn planet.

What will be so special about it?

  • Attractive 2D maps in a flexible polygon-based map format.

  • Player-moddability via scripting engine and customizable servers.

  • Player-hosted games capable of intense large-scale 15-30 player battles.

  • Fast-paced gameplay without the run+gun syndrome; team-based with plenty of game depth, and room for skill development.

  • Several different game modes; from 'Capture the Flag' to 'Deathmatch' to 'Stash!'.

  • A player-centric community, with game editors released the the community to further modify and improve the game.

How and why will you be making it?

I've been creating games for several years now, and I have been getting pretty good at it. My dream game -- formerly a 'dream', that is -- has always been to create an online shooter driven by unique gameplay, which I'm confident that I can finally accomplish after years of building up experience, and the commitment to see projects through to the end. Words are cheap, so I candidly hope that my hard work and progress in the coming months will speak more loudly than this announcement can.

Project Skirmish will be written on the powerful Java platform, allowing for amazing visuals via OpenGL, and cross-platform play across the major platforms (including Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux). A premium will be put on writing and maintaining clean and flexible code: time and quality over speed and quantity. This will certainly be a multi-year project, but will be well worth it in the end.

Wow! How can I help?

The creation of any successful game is feedback-driven. Providing thought-out constructive comments is crucial to seeing Project Skirmish see the light of day. As development progresses, assistance will be needed in the areas of web development, tool development, artistic talent, and community management. Beta testing will not begin for several months, but those believed to be invaluable for alpha testing will be contacted in the coming months about involvement in the project.

From here on out this journal is intended to document my progress of this ambitious game project, and to generate interest in both the gamedev.net community and beyond in its future.

I've become accustomed to the positive and helpful mannerisms of the GD.NET folks, so I thank those of you in advance for your support and enthusiasm towards the project. Thank you for reading, and I hope you are all as excited as me in looking forward to the months ahead!
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Sounds like a phenomenal project, can't wait. And don't worry, there is plenty of feedback lurking around ;)

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Java is good -- I can bundle that into a nice Mac app and toss GL on top of it for a nice creamy glaze that doesn't disappoint.

Looking forward to seeing more of it.

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hmm, this Skirmish thing sounds very familiar...

Well hopefully this one doesn't meet the same fate.

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Remarkably Familiar....

Can't wait to get into those beta tests again!
Hope you see this one through, Skirmish has the potential to be a killer game!

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Woah, sounds like a mammoth job. I'm sure you've got the minerals though! [grin]

All the best for the new endeavor!

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sounds familiar....

but i cant wait!! i love this type of games, and love beta testing for you!!

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Hurrah! If later on you need someone to whip you up a nice CSS for your site, I'd be honored to lend a hand :)

Sounds like you'll have a head-start on your community for the game ;)

Good luck!

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