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Well as promised, here it everything for Escalation: MiniShooter.zip. MiniShooter was the projects name when it started and I never bothered to rename the directories and namespaces. All the files needed to run it should be in there. Also test.wad should only really need the first 3 lumps and the first map(MAP01), everything else can be removed.

I now have 4 projects going although they're all connected. First is FireBird my new basecode, this handles sprites/textures/sounds/fonts/models etc., then the two Newton wrappers and finally the new project, now named Slayer. Slayer is actually 3 smaller projects, the editor, the game itself and the core library, which houses anything shared between the editor and game.

I have basic 3DS->Slayer map conversion working now, all the user has to do is a load a 3DS file into the editor. Plus mesh batching and scene culling. In Escalation every single wall had to be added to the batch(see Map/Scene.cs) which was slow, in Slayer the map is made of many smaller meshes with each one already having it's triangles split up. In Escalation the batch code was meant to reduce the number of texture changes, but there are far too many draw calls. In Slayer there is only one draw call for every material.

Anyway here's a shot of the editor with my test 3DS model imported. The model consists of one plane, 9 cubes and the sphere.

The editors job is only to apply settings to meshes and place objects so I need to get collision working. Newton seems like overkill though, but at the same time I have no idea how to do it myself. I only need a collision library for this, not a whole physics library.
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