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So, with the tools...

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I'm making progress towards a layout editor. I said I wouldn't write any tools, yet here I am.

I have mouse tracking working, selection working, and a list window that show the entire scene, or sub-selections based on name matches. Realistically, I'll need something like this anyway, to debug the game while it's being brought up.

There are some other layout editor tools out there, although those that support custom properties typically require plug-ins to be written, and the few that support Ogre don't seem to even support that. As long as I only support placing objects, and editing properties of them, the editor shouldn't be too hard. I'll use a text editor for anything fancier, like creating templates for new objects or configuring particle systems.

So, once layout editing works, I'll move on to animated entity support. For now, I believe I'll use a simple method that blends between three animations: idle, walking, and running, based on velocity forward. I'll even ignore strafing for now (Aaah! The warts!) Sometime later, my game will actually require a fancier movement to animation model, but I can hold off on that. Get something working sooner!

After animating entities, I'll work on a movement controller, and its replication, after which I should have a simple multi-player world where one player can host, and multiple players walk around. I've been there before, actually, although not in as structured fashion as I go at it this time.

After that, player-to-player chat, and objects with behaviors (physical objects, and NPCs). After that, I could construct a mini-game (something like a scavenger hunt), and test it. That'll be fun!

After that, I have to think about real art, and the specific game features that lead to my specific game. That scares me, as I'm not an artist.
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