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The refund

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Today, I got a refund on the "historical buildings" purchase from TurboSquid. Good that I got the money back, but bad that I couldn't use these.

Does anyone own a copy of Lightwave, and an exporter that can export to any common format (Collada, .X, etc) that can be imported into 3ds Max? Apparently the .3ds exporter for Lightwave doesn't include texture coordinates, and the separate LWO importers/translators I've found don't read LWO texture coordinates right.

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I know this isn't the solution you are looking for but figured I would say anyway, that Okino has support for lightwave -> major DCC.

You could also use Blender to import the LWO and export to 3DS, although .3DS uses a DOS texture naming 8/3 and if you go over that it just doesn't load and it would look like you don't have materials, so you'll want to watch what you have those named.

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Yeah, I know that both PolyTrans and Deep Exploration do translation. At $395 and $495, respectively.

I tried one shareware 3D format converter, but it couldn't load the LWO files properly (I think it's lacking support for the overlapping UV coordinate chunk). I didn't think of blender. In fact, I didn't even think of MilkShape (which I own a copy of) -- I'll go try that.

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So, Blender3D can load one of the files, and it appears to retain the correct texture coordinates. However, the geometry is inverted -- I have to select all faces, and flip normals (which took a while to figure out how to do in Blender...)

After that, I tried exporting to Collada, but had no luck -- first, I got an error about setting the path to the folder containing "colladaImEx" (whatever that is), and when I set that to point to the scripts folder, it claims colladaImEx doesn't actually live there. Oh, well.

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No, I gave up, because it didn't import correctly (inverted). I'm not about to learn Blender scripting just yet, as I'd prefer to just make progress on my game.

If I still can't find any art three months from now, I might re-consider. Or just buy PolyTrans :-)

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