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Scotty, we need more power!

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I assume there are plenty of power users frequenting these forums/journals with stupidly high spec systems or, more than likely, several mid to high spec systems.

Have you ever thought about how much electricity you're getting through with your computers?

I've been contemplating this exact question for a while now and in response to a few odd things recently I started a thread about it. Not sure how many people frequent the 'Hardware Discussion' forum so I thought I'd cross-post it here.

Whilst I know it'd be pretty hard to max out all the components of multiple systems at the same time, but based on the specifications for the kit sitting around me right this second I reckon I could chew up around 1300 watts of electricity in doing so. That's quite a lot of juice....
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I'd imagine PSU's show the output power they produce, and not the input power they consume. As with any electrical appliance, they're bound to waste some energy along the way, and judging by how a PSU can get quite warm, that's no little amount.

Still, I have a hunch an Air Conditioner running even an hour a day takes up more power than a high-end PC on for a day. [smile]

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Be sure to check this out:

Though I'm fairly sure you already know it.

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