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I tried to make a new skybox today. the result is so ugly that it is actually making me feel sick. I think the problem is pictures of space are often so cluttered with stars and what not that they are far to complex.

I haven't quite figured out if planets are going to be models, or just part of the skydrop. Perhaps the best think to do would be to compromise and make them "billboards" or something. A billboard would look better than a static picture, while taking less resources than a model, however I would have to add billboard support to the game, which is something i really don't want to bother with at the moment.

I was going to write a program to generate "space backgrounds" but that would take a while, and I've got more relevant things to do at the moment. I bet i can find something like that if i fish around here long enough.. (i seem to remember seeing a space sticky in the game design thread)
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I just ended up taking a bunch of the "space" skyboxes from the wadfather.

Apparently Reptile can be put into a skybox-generating mode; I'm gonna try that next.

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Looks fine to me :)

I probably would do the billboard thing you spoke of as that would look kinda cool. Also it wouldnt hurt to have some faded out images of planets or nebulas in your skybox images too. Good luck...looks great!

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"wadfather" heh what a great name.

I'll have to check it out. On the other hand, it actually looks pretty good if I keep it pretty simple too (like just a couple stars). This fits with my simplistic programmer art style (which might not be a good thing)

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