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www or not

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If you've not noticed and it was affecting you: a day or two ago I fixed the problem with "" not being treated the same as "" - you can now enter any GDNet URL while missing the 'www.' portion and it will work correctly.

(Turned out to just be one single box in the IIS config... figures, eh? [grin])

Also, I've made a change to the RSS handling for the aggregated journals page (all journals). It should have stopped the horrible escaping problems everyone was seeing. What you can now see instead is all the HTML code... RSS doesn't actually permit regular HTML in the description field of a feed item, so I have to either leave it escaped or strip it entirely - or we switch away from RSS and move to something that supports HTML instead (i.e. Atom)...
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Original post by Emmanuel Deloget
Original post by Ravuya
Atom seems the way to go. For one thing it wasn't written by a 13-year-old.

What? RSS has been written by a 13 yo?
I remember hearing it was, but maybe I'm thinking of some other stupid web fad.

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I think you need a CDATA tag in your RSS feed to support HTML.

Case in point, my RSS high scores, which contain HTML tables.

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We could do that, but it's my understanding that you're not supposed to have HTML in the RSS 'description' field, whether it's disguised or not. Feed readers are not required/expected to support it. Wrapping it in CDATA would be working around the validator, not passing it.

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