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Ok, I had to remove the experimental potions (well, there are going to be experimental potions, but they're not going to be the cool ones I had planned) because they'd require too much art and they complicate my item system far beyond what I want (I want to actually finish this project lol.) It looks like thats the only thing I'm going to have to get rid of though, which is nice.

I've almost got the item system finished. I was originally going to use a scriptable item system, but I'm not sure how fast that would be and it would complicate my scripting system more than I need at the moment.

Anyway, here's an example item file (if I have any errors in my XML, just ignore it lol. I just threw this together really quick.):

"HEALPOT" Name="Healing Potion" Description="Heals the player's health by 5 bars.">
"Health" ModificationType="Increase" Value=5 Duration=0 />

"REGENPOT" Name="Regeneration Potion" Description="Heals the player's health by a bar every 3 seconds for 60 seconds.">
"Health" ModificationType="Increase" Value=1 Duration=60 Interval=3 />

"DEFENSEPOT" Name="Defense Potion" Description="Temporarily increases the player's defense.">
"Defense" ModificationType="Increase" Value=500 Duration=100 />

"INFAMMOBOX" Name="Bottomless Ammo Box" Description="Temporarily gives the player infinite ammo.">
"Ammo" ModificationType="Increase" Duration=100 ExtraFlag="Infinite" />

"EXPPOT1" Name="Experimental Potion #1" Description="This potion was found on an alien ship. Effects unknown, use with caution.">
"Health" ModificationType="Increase" Value=3 Duration=100 ExtraFlag="MultiplyByValue" />
"Defense" ModificationType="Decrease" Duration=100 ExtraFlag="CurrentValue" />
"Damage" Modification="Increase" Value=2 Duration=50 ExtraFlag="MultiplyByValue" />

"AMMOCHEAT" Name="Ammo Cheat Item" Description="Gives the dirty cheater all the ammo he/she will ever need.">
"Ammo" ModificationType="Increase" ExtraFlag="Infinite" />

"SHOTGUNSHELLS" Name="Shotgun Shells" Description="A box containing 20 shotgun shells." WeaponID="SHOTGUN" Count=20 />
"9MMSHELLS" Name="9mm Pistol Shells" Description="A box containing 250 9mm shells." WeaponID="PISTOL" Count=20 />
"9MMEXPSHELLS" Name="9mm Explosive Pistol Shells" Description="A box containing 250 9mm explosive shells." WeaponID="PISTOL" Count=20 Bonus="Exploding" />
"45MMSHELLS" Name="45mm Assault Rifle Shells" Description="A box containing 100 45mm shells." WeaponID="ASSAULTRIFLE" Count=100 />

Weapons are the next thing to incorporate. The hard part will be grenades; I might end up removing them just to make my life easier XD.

AND I just realized the "Ammo" stat isn't going to work as you'll have different types of ammo. This makes me sad as I might have to redesign this to fix that -_-. Hm...actually, I guess I could leave the "Ammo" stat (for infinite ammo power ups and such) and then add an "AmmoBox" class or something. That should work...hopefully. This is where the scriptable item system would make things a lot easier and a lot more flexible.

-edit 2-
Ok, I think I have the design fixed. I'm thinking of removing the different type of weapon ammo though (I know, I keep laming the game up, but I need to cut back on the art demands as well as development time.) I'll think about it while at work tomorrow and report back here tomorrow night.
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