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Where is my time?

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Emmanuel Deloget


Really, I don't know.

It seems that my day is split in two parts: the sleeping part, and the "running everywhere" time. And that's a bit annoying.

On the good side, I'm doing a lot of stuff. I'm still working (you remember?) at Alpine in Stuttgart, I'm searching new news for you (I believe I'm the official GameDev.Net spammer), I'm blogging (well, I try; I was supposed to update my blog every week, and I haven't found the time to update it last week), I'm preparing the coverage of the fmx/07 (people to meet1, talks to attend, questions to ask, and so on), I'm trying to answer questions in the forum, I continue to work on SOMETHING, I'm taking care of my team in the GameDev.Net league (today, I won!), and I'm running after womentrying to get a correct social life (seducdiscussing all sort of stuff with very beautifinteresting gir people).

No wonder why I'm a bit tired...

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you don't care much (well, maybe the stuff about gdnet), so let's talk about something more interesting.

There are lots of news that we don't feature anymore. In fact, we don't feature alpha/beta/unfinished product anymore. The reason is that we want to focus more on real products: finished engines/middlewares, with their documentation, samples, and a full feature list.

We also don't feature jobs anymore (but then, we haven't got any job news for the past century). The gdnet Job feature is a better way to advertise jobs anyway.

We also try to avoid publishing news about new websites that doesn't have much interest. In the past, we used to advertise these websites on our frontpage, and that's not really relevant - especially if these sites are q mere collection of links. Of course, if a particular web site draws our attention, we're likely to feature it on the front page).

Last but not least: we don't feature games. We are not a gaming web site. So forget about the release of your "fantastic rpg v0.42" - it's not going to be featured here.

The good thing is that even if your news is not features, you still have the possibility to post an announcement in the dedicated forum (which is called, guess what, Your Announcement). Our standard reply is usually something along the line of "we won't feature **** because ****, but you can still post to the YA forum".

More rarely (but it happens), our answer can be "your post = spam. My action = ban. I win. Ah ah ah."

I say this because, whatever you might think about, we don't sell rolex replicas. We also don't support phising, so don't send us news about how cool it would be to automatically become a RuneScape mod by logging here.

Of course, all this is subject to change. We have Secret Plans for some changes, and I believe you'll be surprised by the result (or not). PM me if you want to learn more about that (don't forget that if I tell you anything, I will have to kill you. How curious are you?).

Ok pals, see you later!

1: speaking of that, I have
  • a surprise for you (no, I won't tell it right now. you'll have to wait for another week)
  • a question: I have the possibility to interview a major film director (hint: his name begins with "Rolan", it ends with "mmerich", somewhere in the middle you'll find a "d" and a "E", and back in time he did a small budget movie about some kind of door that would lead a bunch of military and a scientist to another planet with an egyptian-like setting). So the question is: do you have any interesting question to ask? To be honnest, I don't.
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Did you have fun at fmx? hope so.

I can't think of anything specific to ask said director (except perhaps, want to do art direction on a computer game? for no pay?). I'll ask my more arty friends and see if they can come up with anything.

EDIT: OK I thought fmx was last week. I am teh dumb.

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No need to say, it's better if the questions are tied to movies, computer games, and a mix of those.

I have to decide if I want to interview it before the end of the week. Given that we have a good relation with the event organization, that should be possible (although it may not happen, because you know, there going to be a large number of journalists there).

Let's try to put you in the right direction: link 1 link 2.

Now, I have no idea if "Said Director" is going to participate to "Link 2", even if he directed "Link 1" (well, I'm pretty sure that he is not involved in "Link 2"). So it may perhaps be a good idea to actually do some homework before I ask any related question [smile].

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