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Slowed down just a little

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I've been dealing with some family issues that have taken up most of my time for the last couple of days. So it's been difficult to get anything done to say the least.

Regardless, In the back of my mind I'm still working out the development of the engine and the "first" game. It's funny because I find myself getting excited and I want do this and that and that and this. But reality begins to set in which reminds me that in order to stay focused and to continue moving forward I cannot go overboard.

So at least for the time being I've settled on developing a top down shooter. I'll create a game from that genre to test out the engine. I figure that at least this way it doesn't require as much effort as the action packed platform side scroller I wanted to create. That would have called for a number of characters, each with their own animations, detailed levels and a host of other things.

With a top down shooter, all I need is a ship, some enemies and power-ups. Animation is at a minimum and I can really focus on the engine design and game play. Once I finish the shooter then I should be ready to tackle the next project with all of the bells and whistles I have planned.

I'm excited anyway, I still get to do some 3D modeling and texturing along with making some pretty cool rendered explosion effects. I know, I've yet to post any images but this initial phase has taken a little longer than expected. For me at least, it's important to know "exactly" what I'm trying to create then to figure it out on the fly.
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