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So much for doing any D3D10 work...

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So I was going to sit down and do some preliminary work on 'Pipes 3D' in D3D10 - I've got the basic plan sorted and I just want to run through a few PoC's.

I updated my Vista64 drivers a while back and they've worked reasonably well except for the 'Desktop Window Manager' falling over every time I suspend/restore my system. Figured I'd try the latest and greatest drivers this evening before I got down to proper development.


I've lost ALL hardware acceleration now. No fancy Aero, no D3D9 and definitely no D3D10.
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hmm, sacrificing the neighbours ATI graphics card to the gods seems to have done the trick.

Dontcha just love these completely random cycles of install-uninstall-install-uninstall that somehow eventually seem to work with no discernable reason why it didn't work the first time [rolleyes]

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Be happy you're not using XNA... at least D3D10 is working sometimes and/or doing something [razz]

It would be nice if someone would point them at this issue and have them finally confirm whether XNA deployment actually is supported on Vista 64bit (or any 64bit platforms). Now if only I knew an MVP who would be so kind as to carry this message to the Powers that Be... [wink]

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