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My life is pretty daft really

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Further to the last post, my girlfriend is back and the job is still good. So win-win really and can't complain.

Radio waves are a fascinating area of science, it turns out. I knew very little about all this. It turns out that there is a "DC to light" scale that starts with direct current (no amplitude) then runs up through AC and through sound then up through the various frequencies used for communications systems all the way up to light, then on to cosmic rays and beyond.

Apparently no-one really understands exactly what it is, just how it behaves. It is invisble and everywhere and can kill you. How cool is that?

Got a few movies out tonight. Got Pans Labrynth, Little Miss Sunshine and Happy Feet. Sounds stupid for a 32 year old bloke to say, but I reckon I'm going to really dig the penguin movie [smile].

Still little in the way of programming, although I have installed VS Express with the PSDK and DXSDK on my new computer at work along with the freebie Borland BCC55 for command line work and all my own command line tools to make the command prompt feel more like a c shell. Started messing about writing a compiler today because I was bored (I haven't started the job properly yet) which was quite fun but I really need a proper project under my belt.

Been thinking about writing one of these hacker games, but with really basic 3D graphics and also a built in set of scripting languages that you have to write in-game in order to bypass locked areas or defeat enemies. I'll flesh the idea out a bit but any thoughts would be appreciated.

I was quite interested in the idea of having a variety of online banks in the game and a credit rating system like in real life where you borrow and pay back on time in order to increase your rating so you can borrow more. As well as being able to defraud and rob the banks of course.
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