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Q & A results for Draft 3

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Hail Everyone!

I took some time and went through and answered some of the design questions to get us from Draft 2 to Draft 3 of our design document. I'll post an updated Feature Analysis when I get a chance. In the mean time, here are the Questions and Answers.

You'll notice that quite a few say "Draft 4". This simply means I don't have a valid answer yet, but I wanted to get the design doc moving forward anyways. The questions marked as "Draft 4" are things that yet need to be answered. I think I'll solicit the people in the Design Forum to see if they're interested in providing some answers to those that yet need to be answered. At any rate...here ya go.

Chat System
Q. What channels are present by default?
A. There is a 'Trade' Channel, and an OOC (Out of Character) channel.

Q. What is the range on the /yell command?
A. The range on yell channel will be somewhere between 100 and 250 meters. We'll need to experiment for sure. As well, the range on the 'say' channel will be somewhere up to 25-50 meters.

The Interface
Q. What do each of these interface elements look like?
A. (Create Mockups of each screen element)

Q. What's the layout & behavior
A. Once the mockups are done, describe the behavior of each UI dialog

Q. How do you target enemies, object, and party members?
Mouse: Target enemies, objects, and party members by left clicking on them.
Keyboard: Using the keyboard you can use F1-F4 to auto-select the members of your party. Mobs can be targeted by
using TAB. Nearby allies can be toggled using CTRL+TAB, and nearby objects using SHIFT+TAB.

Q. What are the Camera/Movement Controls?
Mouse: LMB moves your camera. Around your character. RMB changes the direction your character is looking. Mouse Wheel zooms in/out on your character.
Keyboard: A-Turn left. W-Move Forward. S-Move Backward. D-Turn Right. Spacebar-Jump. R-Auto run. Q-Strafe Left. E-Strafe Right
Mouse + Keyboard: RMB+A-Strafe Left. RMB+D-Strafe Right

(Note: GamePad controls will be added later, but likely the two analog sticks will control the look at and movement directions, while LB and RB will be used to toggle through enemies and items/PC's. Select will be used to bring up the character sheet, while start will be used to bring up the main menu. 'A' will jump, while 'B' will 'Use' the selected item, talk to the targeted NPC, and engage the selected mob. Either 'X' will bring up your inventory, while 'Y' will bring up the quest log.)

Q. What will the map look like?
A. (Create mockup of the map, based on NM,AZ, and NV)

Q. Is there water anywhere?
A. Yes. There will be a few rivers located throughout, with water coming off the high mountains.

Q. Where are the trees, NPC's, and instance located?
A. This will all be on the map, but there will be a few different villages, plus the instance, with NPC's mostly located in the villages.

Q. What are the color ranges for the different customizable attributes?
A. Eyes will have a set of samples in the Green, Blue, Gray, and Brown hues. While hair will have hues in the Blonde/yellow, white/gray/black, red/auburn, and brown hues.

Q. What are the ranges for Height & Weight
A. Height will range from about 1.5m to 2.25m (1.75avg). Weight will range from 50 kg's. to 100 kg's (75avg). (Note: ranges are given in metric in accordance with standard physics equations)

Q. What are their names?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. What inventory do they carry?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Is their inventory static or dynamic?
A. Their inventory is dynamic, seeded with some initial items, and periodic updates, their inventory will reflect what has been bought from them and sold to them by other PC's.

Ability Scores
Q. How are health & mana calculated?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How are health & mana decreased/increased/recharged during game play?
A. (Draft 4)

Days & Fatigue
Q. What EXACTLY causes fatigue?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much rest do those things consume?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much TOTAL rest do you have to consume?
A. This is %. Total rest is 100%

Item Types
Q. Are items statically created or randomly generated?
A. Items are statically created

Q. what items are there?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Which classes can use which items?
A. Tanks can use Swords, and Maces. Nukers can use Staves and Wands. Healers can use Wands, and Maces. Handymen can use Daggers, Swords, Staves, and crossbows.

Q. How many items will the bank carry?
A. The bank will carry 32 items.

Q. What patterns & Designs are there?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much of which resources is required for each pattern?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much skill do you earn for creating the different items?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much skill do you need before obtaining new patterns?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. What tools are there?
A. There is a skinning knife, a smith's hammer, a pair of tongues, a sewing kit, and an Axe.

Q. WHERE do you create craftable items?
A. You may prepare leather at a Tanner's bench. You may create leather armor with a Loom. Ore may be smelted at a Forge, and metal armor or blades may be created at an Anvil. Wood from weapons can be prepared at a Mill.

Q. Can users trade items with other users?
A. Yes.

Q. How will users go about making a trade?
A. Players trade with NPC's by opening a conversation with them and then asking to see their wares. Players trade with other players by selecting them, hitting a key to open the player-player menu, and then selecting trade.

Q. How many items can be traded at a time?
A. Lets say somewhere between 4 and 8. We'll see for sure later.

Q. What are the ranges for melee and ranged combat?
A. Melee combat must be within 1 meter. Ranged combat must be greater than 5 meters and less than 20 meters.

Q. How do ability scores relate to formulas for determining damage modifiers?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How far do you have to run before a mob leaves you alone?
A. About 50-100 meters. We'll see later what feels correct

Player vs. Player
Q. What IS the Player AI for combat?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How do you get into the inn to attack players?
A. Handymen may pick the locks, though they stand a chance of alarming others to their attempt. The other classes may bride the innkeeper for the key.

Q. If the player AI wins, does he loot the active player's corpse?
A. Yes.

Q. What if there's not enough room in his inventory?
A. He loots the most valuable items first, leaving the less valuable items on the corpse.

Q. Where is the psychic located and why is he/she not listed with the other NPC types?
A. There will be a psychic in each town. I forgot to add her to the NPC list

Q. What does talking with the Psychic ACTUALLY do?
A. Talking with a psychic allows you to commune to all those who are within speaking distance of the psychic as though you were alive and using the "say" channel. However, only those who are talking with the psychic can communicate back - again, as if using the 'say' channel while being dead.

Q. How much favor do you gain with Osiris for killing the different mobs?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much favor do you need to be reincarnated?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. What else can you get for exchanging favor?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. What are the different mobs' stats & abilities?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. What are their loot tables?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Which are aggressive?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Is there some place specific they spawn? (rough formula)
A. (Draft 4)

Q. What stats do the classes start with? - How much do they gain per level?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Which abilities do they get at which level?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How much XP is required to advance to each level?
A. The exact numbers will be determined in a later draft. However, the answer will be a Fibonacci series, where the next highest level requires the sum experience of the previous two levels.

Special Abilities
Q. What ARE all of the special abilities?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Which require a target, what kind of target, etc...?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. Which are instant cast, and which have a cooldown?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How are they acquired after defeating your master?
A. After defeating your master, you are promoted to a new level. Upon attaining the new level, you may select which of the new abilities for your level you wish to acquire. Alternatively, you may select abilities from a lower level, to fill a higher level "slot".

Q. What ARE the available quests? And what are the rewards for each?
A. (Draft 4)

Q. How is XP and quest rewards divided up between party members?
A. XP within a party is divided up by levels of the party members, with higher level members getting more of the XP. If a person is aided by someone not in their party, XP is modified based on damage/healing done.

Q. How are parties created?
A. Parties are created by selecting another player, opening the player-player menu and "Inviting" them to join you. Upon joining your party you become a party leader. You may leave the party if you wish. Also, if someone is a party leader and is invited to join another party. They may accept, and their whole party will be added to the other party if their is room. If not, they will be notified their party is too large, and there are only 'X' spaces available in the new party.

Q. Are there requirements that must be met to add someone to your party?
A. Yes. The person must be within 2 levels of you up or down, and the entire spread of the party cannot be more than 4 levels.

Random Events
Q. What ARE the random events, and what must I do to trigger each of them?
A. (Draft 4)

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Original post by BCullis
Won't using ALT+TAB in a windows environment be a Bad Thing? :)

Haha!! Yeah. No wonder that combination seemed so natural. A'ight better switch that to like Shift+Tab or something. Thanks!

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