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Hey all. It's been a busy and slightly stressful week so I haven't taken much time to post anything. But if you haven't already noticed there's some new content up on the main page. Props and kudos once more to superpig for this automatic front page updater. Posting content now is so much easier! W00t. I'll have something for you all next week too, and John Hattan also has some reviews to post as well. The week after that I'll be blogging from OGDC, and the week after that I'll be posting my full coverage of the event. I'll try and throw in some other stuff to along the way.

I'm also going to finally start working my way through the Resources DB to start cleaning things up and tagging articles for future reference. Have no clue how long this will take but at least it's beginning at last, been putting this off for like - evar :P

On a final note - I've been approached with the idea of doing a C# workshop. I haven't kept my ear to the ground much and so didn't really follow the C++ workshop, so I'm wondering what you all think of these things. Obviously this is something that we would like to fully support but we don't have anything in place right now to do so. With enough demand however we could start building the necessary tools. I'm a bit reluctant to just let people go off and do these things for fear of them repeatedly petering out and people losing interest so that when we're finally ready to officially launch a program backed by our site software, no one will want to do it anymore. So if there are enough of you out there interested let me know and spread the word to others to let me know so I can work towards my decision.
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