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College, IK, and things of a similar nature

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I haven't posted any entries recently because I've been fighting to get everything done for my final semester at the Alberta College of Art and Design. I'm now finished and, assuming there are no surprises, I pretty much have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Explorer is currently being shown at the Grad Show. I'll post some photos of the installation when I get the chance.

For PAGE, I've been working on a procedural BipedController for automated walking animation. To make it easier to implement, I'm using inverse kinematics for the legs and arms. I've implemented basic cyclic-coordinate descent IK, without any constraints. It looks... pretty bad in some cases. So I'm going to add optional constraints for bones. Blender provides some simple joint limit constraints for position, orientation, and scale, so I'll just export those and extend my native skeleton format a bit.

^^ that's got to hurt...

I'm also continuing to work on textures a lot. I've nabbed a 3 month subscription to environment-textures.com, a sister project to 3d.sk, and I'll be downloading the zips onto a new 320 GB archival hard drive. I'm finding it useful to sample colors from (good) photos when painting my own textures by hand. Here's a wood texture (work in progress!).

My intention over the summer is to work intensively on my portfolio. I have enough money to make it through the summer without a job, while having a nice amount left over for whatever happens afterwards (moving, industry job, nothing, etc). So this will be a summer of hardcore game development for me.

Procyon, the 2D collaboration I was working on earlier, is being put on hold for the time being. I'm continuing to work with David Baumgart, and his girlfriend who is also a programmer, on another 2D Python game with a smaller scope. Our plan is to get it finished quickly. It is currently unnamed, but it involves you, the captain, piloting a ship and crew around space. Some code from Procyon is being reused in this project, and we currently have a functional UI.
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Thanks HopeDagger! It feels good to finally be done and have this freedom to do whatever.

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