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Mouseover decorator complete, and the little menu bits I wanted to do (provide a 'close if click off menu' mechanism and something which auto-positions a menu so that it doesn't get spawned half off the screen). Took about 3 hours, and would've been much, much faster if I didn't misuse my own input classes...

They were one of the first things I did whilst learning C# and are a little icky. One day I'll have to go clean them up, but I've more important stuff to get done (like actually getting stuff done!).

No screenies since the changes are improving the dynamic-ness of the UI which doesn't translate well to static image. And I'm not going to make a movie showing a box that changes color when you mouseover it... not exactly something you've not seen before.

[edit: 4/30/07 - Added a bit of code to get rid of some of the annoyance with the disconnect between loading text and loading... not text. I also dabbled up a quickie menu function that takes some params and dumps you a working menu (auto arranged onto the screen, text auto-sized, click off menu closes, mouseover does feedback) off of them. It's currently ugly as sin both in code and resultant menu. Still nicer and shorter than the previous iterations' mess. Hurrah for experience. Will refactor it into something nicer (in code at least) eh, later sometime; perhaps Tuesday.]
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