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No clever title here...

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Well, let me prelude this post by saying I am very, very drunk (and I love the Firefox spell checker).

I don't have much to say, but I feel like talking anyway. Due to the lack of comments on my previous entry , I'm not posting a demo out my mouse recognition app. This is fine, since I didn't expect much. I mean, we didn't do much besides play model animations anyways.

Anyway, my roommates brother is in town for graduation (all my roommates are a year ahead of me), so of course, we've had to teach him how to play caps (the drinking game of champions). As a result, I am as you see me now: very drunk and incoherent.

I've been thinking a lot about what I should work on this summer, but I've got a pretty good idea. I want to write an engine that uses shaders pretty heavily. I still haven't come up with a solid idea on how to dynamically load shaders, but I'm thinking about using Lua scripts to do all of it. I can write my shaders in HLSL, and generate scripts by checking the semantics of all the variables in the shader. I think it will be immensely fun to work on, despite not knowing a god damn thing about Lua (hell, what I want to do may well be impossible, but I don't know). I just think that scripting all my shader loading will make it very reusable and expandable, without too much effort.

Plus, with the magic of shaders, I can write all my own math libraries for perspective projection and all that shit, and only use API's for compiling/using my shaders, which should make my engine very easy to develop cross-platform. I still don't really know how feasible this all is, but I definitely want to try it out. Plus, I think developing an engine is more fun than developing a game any day. I'm just masochistic that way.

I've babbled on pretty incoherently for long enough. I don't have much to say because I haven't done much in the last week or two, but once I start working at Surreal maybe I'll have some insights into actual programming or game development. We'll find out next week. Wish me luck at my new job!
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The shader/lua thingie sounds nifty. Anyways, I still really want to see the mouse recognition video -- it is something that interests me a lot. So if you have the time to make a vid/upload it, that would be awesome =)

And good luck on your upcoming job =)

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ah, a drunk post! excellent.

remember, just because nobody commented doesnt mean that nobody read it!
I usually read the most recent journals every night

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